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2 thoughts on “God’s Open Door Policy

  1. Subject: New Author, William Bissell

    Hello, I wrote a book in May ’07’ called “The Eden Endeavor.” I asked a series of questions. What happens if a group of men attempted to clone Jesus? They are looking for the genetic trait that made Jesus sinless, divine. If they can find the genetic/chemical/bio anomally that made him God, could they create a serum to inject into themselves and remove original sin? If they remove original sin, they too could become divine and get closer to God. Possibly transend death, recreate Eden here on earth. If our DNA is 99.8% compared to chimp DNA, how close could ours be to God’s? Is what they attempt sin or is it something God wants them to do? What forces could be unleashed by this action?
    What I used for the DNA sample was the Facial shroud in Oviedo Spain. This shroud, as I watched on The History Channel Easter evening was matched perfectly with the Shroud of Turin. I had done research on this shroud and felt this was the most logical artifact to use, as it would be assessable and was authenticated by Rome.
    This novel tells the story of how these men raise this boy and slowly come to terms with the fact they indeed have the genuine article. How far are they willing to go to find this geneitic material? They place him in various set-up senerios to prove he can repeat some of Jesus’ works. Unfortunately, none of them work. Would they be willing to Kill this Second Son of God?
    I also had my Adam, give blood to the Red Cross. The person who recieved it becomes my John the Baptist. Adam starts to show his powers while working at a local Vet’s office. He starts to heal the animals that come in, and more and more learns how to heal, as he works through his own how’s and why’s.
    By the end of the book, Adam reveals himself to a collection of religious leaders who go out into the world to cure desease, quell natural disaster and halt war. The men, that started this at Gene-Tech, use his unique genetic structure to create new health & healing serums for innoculation, medications & therapies.
    I mix quite a bit of cloning/genetics/chemical/biologial engineering and various religious philosophies in this story.
    In May ’09’ I wrote a sequel “The Angelic Agenda.” I asked the questions. What would happen if my Adam met with Lucifer? What exchanges would they have? What disagreements? What would happen between them, who would influence the other more? What is Lucifer’s Agenda and Adam’s Mission? What arguments does Lucifer use to explain away his effect on mankinds actions. What is Lucifer’s main goal in this relationship as he trys to convince Adam that he is not to blame for all mankind’s evils.
    I was proud to finish both books as I think I did a Very Good job following scripture. I tied genetics, chemical biology, religion, history and martial arts, blending them together into a twisty turning story line. I think I gave an interesting set of arguments for all sides concerned as I answered many questions but left some open for interpretation.
    I self published these books(written in chapter and verse) and was wondering if you would know an agent that might be interested in picking me up. I wish so badly to spread the word of Our Lord and teach in a different medium, the simple message of God’s Love through his Second Son Adam. I would relish a chance to get these stories out into a public that seems thirsting for a fresh look at religion(The Shack,DiVinci) I have been trying to get these books out to agents and continue to hit brick walls. Thank you for all your efforts, William Bissell


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