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Editor's note: We recently heard from the Associated Church Press that Hunger News & Hope had received two awards for its work in 2020: (1) the Award of Merit in the "Best in Class" category; (2 the Award of Merit for a News Story for "Grace Baptist Church Sees a Different Way," about a church that refused to close down its homeless shelter after a stabbing, by Dawn Michelle Michals, and (3) the Award of Merit for a Theme Issue for the Fall 2020 issue about COVID-19 & Minoritized Populations. 

Read the latest issue of Hunger News and Hope:

HNH Vol 21 No 1, Spring 2021

This issue includes a story about women in Yemen leading the way in constructing solar power panels, a book review about Leah denBok's photos of homeless people, and the impressions of Baylor journalism students who were sent to interview homeless people.

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Hunger News & Hope, a periodical about hunger, poverty and food justice, is published quarterly by Seeds of Hope Publishers, in partnership with the following groups:

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