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  1. Hello!

    I have been interested in helping out in World Hunger issues all my life. I live in drought-stricken New Mexico, USA. How can I receive information, plus seed samples to pass out to people here in New Mexico? I’d like to help rural Hispanics, Native Americans living on reservations, and even Urban-dwellers with access to a garden plot or backyard. The idea is we can grow drought-resistant plants to augment our diet, and be independent of Government Assistance. Perhaps I could start a project, or test pilot of some kind right where I am!

    I am the daughter of Missionaries to Pueblo Indians in New Mexico. I earned a Master’s Degree at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, and very much wanted to pursue Community Development in another country. Unfortunately, health issues kept me in the US. Also, I could not raise funds for people to support me, which some Hunger Programs require. Clearly, hunger issues are “right at home”. I am not exclusive to the Baptists, but very open to any Christian denomination/organization.

    I’d like to pursue this hunger project in the name of Christ, for He is intimately concerned with all issues we face here on earth.

    Please contact me with any info and resources, or refer me to agencies which may be of help to me in this endeavor.

    Thanks, and God bless!
    Mariann St. Germaine

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