The Feast of St. Francis


October 4th is The Feast of St. Francis. Seeds, in collaboration with members of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans, has compiled these resources in order to give its readers an opportunity to remember, or learn about, the life of St. Francis and the causes dear to Franciscans.

Franciscan Leaf of Hours – a collection of poetry and prayer, compiled by Gary Paul (Brother Coyote) Nabhan, OEF, and adapted by Katie Cook, OEF

Some Resources for the Feast of Francisa liturgy for the Feast of St. Francis with extra information, by Katie Cook, OEF

A Liturgy for the Butterflies – an Ecumenical Liturgy for Monarch Butterflies and Imperiled Pollinators, by Gary Paul (Brother Coyote) Nabhan, OEF, and Katie Cook, OEF

Songs for the Little Flowers – a collection of 12 meditations inspired by The Little Flowers of Saint Francis, by Katie Cook, OEF

Blessing of the Animals – a brief liturgy for an animal blessing, compiled by Charley Garrison and Katie Cook

Note: Some of the liturgies above are available in a booklet format for printing. If you would like to have them in this form, email, and we’ll be delighted to send them to you.

See also Francis & Clare: Learning from Creation – a curriculum for youth and children, under Sacred Seasons/Earth Day Resources.