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Welcome to the Seeds of Hope Publishers web site!  We are working hard to provide a rich, accessible diet of ideas, information and inspiration to nourish Christians who are working for the day when all of God’s children will enjoy enough to eat and the physical and spiritual resources to pursue happy, healthy, productive lives.

We hope you will find much here to inspire you to join this glorious quest.

—From the Seeds staff and Council of Stewards (art by Sally Lynn Askins)

Our Mission & Vision: 

Seeds of Hope is a private, independent group of believers responding to a common burden for the poor and hungry of God’s world, and acting on the strong belief that biblical mandates to feed the poor were not intended to be optional. The group seeks out people of faith who feel called to care for poor and hungry people; and to affirm, enable and empower a variety of responses to the problems of poverty.

On our website you'll find: 

  • Worship Resources:  The Seeds worship packet series, Sacred Seasons, includes sermons, children's activities, litanies, prayers and other resources designed to help you and your congregation stay centered in God's love for the poor and the poor in spirit. You'll also find special resources, like our Easter Walk for children, a series of resurrection monologues, two collections of sermons about hunger, and much more.
  • Educational Resources:  Seeds has produced a number of education resources, like the Hunger in God's World workshop curriculum, Developing a Heart for the Hungry: A Hunger Emphasis Primer for Beginning Churches, and more.
  • Informative statistics, thought-provoking essays, and basic learning activities to help start meaningful conversations about poverty and hunger.
  • Hunger News & Hope:  On-line access to the award-winning newsletter Hunger News & Hope, dedicated to enabling a variety of responses to the problems of poverty.
  • Opportunities to Engage:  Links to a wide variety of ministries and participation opportunities to help you find your place to "plug in."  If you have questions about organizations to support or agencies where you can volunteer, please contact us.  We'd love to help.


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