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Sacred Seasons


The worship resources below are posted for your use, free of charge, because they are back issues. If you find them helpful, please consider donating to Seeds of Hope, using the PayPal button on the right, just above the scripture. If you would like to receive new resources, in time to plan for your liturgical seasons, please consider subscribing. You get three packets a year (Advent, Lent and Hunger Emphasis for each fall) for $100 ($125 for non-US subscriptions), one packet for $50 ($65 outside of the US). To subscribe, email or call 254-755-7745. That's less than $2 a week out of your church's budget. 


Hunger Emphasis


Click here to see 20 years' worth of Hunger Emphasis materials from Sacred Seasons.

These include:

• Back issues of yearly Hunger Emphasis packets, including art, prayers, sermons, liturgies, statistics, placemats and the Seeds annual 40-Day Hunger Calendar;

• Two volumes of Speaking of Hunger, a collection of sermons about hunger, and Hope Is in Our Hands, a collection of activities and resources for leaders of youth and children;

• Developing a Heart for the Hungry, a Hunger Emphasis primer for beginning churches; and

• Hunger in God's World, a four-session workshop curriculum about hunger for church groups.





Click here to see more than 20 years' worth of packets for Advent and Christmastide.







Click here to see more than 20 years' worth of resources for Lent and Eastertide.

These include:

• Back issues of Lent/Eastertide worship packets;

A Treasury of Lenten Resources compiled from the back issues;

• The highly acclaimed Seeds Easter Walk Drama for Children; and

With Our Own Eyes, a collection of monologues based on the resurrection appearances of Jesus.



Resources for Special Times

Click here to find resources for special days, including:

• The Feast of St. Francis

• Earth Day

• Days of Remembrance

• Pentecost Sunday

• Peace Sunday