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The worship resources below are posted for your use, free of charge, because they are back issues. If you find them helpful, please consider donating to Seeds of Hope, using the PayPal button on the right, just above the scripture. If you would like to receive new resources, in time to plan for your liturgical seasons, please consider subscribing. You get three packets a year (Advent, Lent and Hunger Emphasis for each fall) for $100 ($125 for non-US subscriptions), one packet for $50 ($65 outside of the US). To subscribe, email or call 254-755-7745. That's less than $2 a week out of your church's budget.

 Special Days

The Feast of St. Francis


Speaking of Hunger-coverSermons

Speaking of Hunger: Sermons of Challenge and Hope



Seeds has received a grant from the H.C. Gemmer Family Christian Foundation to produce a second volume of Speaking of Hunger, a collection of sermons about hunger.  If you have preached or written a sermon about hunger—or if you have heard or read one recently, please let us know at!  We will include a dozen sermons, selected by a committee of judges.

Hope-Hands cover

Activities for Youth & Children

Hope Is in Our Hands  


Seeds of Hope Hunger Emphasis Collection

HIGW 2015 coverBack Issues of Hunger Emphasis Packets

Hunger Emphasis Primer for Beginning Churches - PDF

Hunger in God's World: A Workshop for Churches

Speaking of Hunger: Sermons of Challenge and Hope

Hope is in Our Hands: Activities for Youth & Children

HE 2010 cover

  • Fifteen year's worth of Hunger Emphasis packets.  Each packet contains prayers,statistics,quotes and sayings, children and youth activities, a 40-day calendar of suggestions for engaging with hunger and poverty, and other ideas and information to help create an engaging hunger emphasis for your congregation.
  • If your church has never held a hunger emphasis, take a look at Developing a Heart for the Hungry, our hunger emphasis primer for beginning churches. To supplement the Hunger Emphasis Primer, we offer a printable calendar (11 x 17) and placemat (8.5 x 14).



The Dance of Deliverance (Advent 2011)

Room at the Inn (Advent 2010)

Waiting in Wonder (Advent, 2009)

Extravagant Love (Advent, 2008)

Bright Wings (Advent, 2007)

Dreaming God's Dream(Advent, 2006)

What will I bring to the Manger? (Advent, 2005)

A New Song for Silenced Hearts (Advent, 2004)

A Light in this Present Darkness (Advent, 2003)

All Flesh Shall See the Salvation of God (Advent, 2002)

O Rest Beside the Weary Road and Hear the Angels Sing (Advent, 2001)

Preparing the Way (Advent, 2000)

The Word Made Flesh (Advent, 1999)

The People who Walked in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light (Advent, 1998)



Treasury of Lenten Resources (PDF)

 Treasury of Lenten Resources (Word doc.)

Easter Walk

Click here to view our Facebook album of photos from Easter Walk events in various churches.

Resurrection Monologues

Pilgrims on the Pathway (Lent, 2011)

Lenten Longings (Lent, 2010)

Extravagant Love (Lent, 2009)

Faith on the Edge (Lent, 2008)

Dangerous Love (Lent, 2007)

What does it mean to follow this man? (Lent, 2006)

Joy Comes in the Morning (Lent, 2005)

Seeking the Face of God (Lent, 2004)

How Can We Sing the Lord's Song in a Foreign Land (Lent, 2003)

Fools for Christ (Lent, 2002)

This Glorious Quest (Lent, 2001)

Crossroads (Lent, 2000)

Upside Down Kingdom: A Lenten Curriculum for Children (Bonus - Lent, 1999)

Journey into Servanthood (Lent, 1999)

A Journey into Hope (Lent, 1998)

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Seek Peace and Pursue it

Be at Peace With All People

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