Hunger Education

Seeds of Hope Hunger Emphasis Collection

HIGW 2015 coverBack Issues of Hunger Emphasis Packets

Hunger Emphasis Primer for Beginning Churches – PDF

Hunger in God’s World: A Workshop for Churches

Speaking of Hunger: Sermons of Challenge and Hope

Hope is in Our Hands: Activities for Youth & Children

HE 2010 cover

  • Fifteen year’s worth of Hunger Emphasis packets.  Each packet contains prayers,statistics,quotes and sayings, children and youth activities, a 40-day calendar of suggestions for engaging with hunger and poverty, and other ideas and information to help create an engaging hunger emphasis for your congregation.
  • If your church has never held a hunger emphasis, take a look at Developing a Heart for the Hungry, our hunger emphasis primer for beginning churches. To supplement the Hunger Emphasis Primer, we offer a printable calendar (11 x 17) and placemat (8.5 x 14).