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Annual Reports

You may have wondered, as you read the resources on this website, “Who writes this stuff?” In the Annual Reports below, you can meet some of the people who work diligently to keep the Seeds projects and operations going, as well as some of the people who contribute to the various Seeds publications. In the 2012 report, you will meet the staff and Council of Stewards. In the 2014-2015 report, you will meet some of our other volunteers and interns.

Seeds of Hope Annual Report - 2014-2015

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2015(2)



Annual report 2015(3)


Annual report 2015(4)







Seeds of Hope Annual Report - 2013

Annual report 20131

Annual report 20132Annual report 20133Annual report 20134







Seeds of Hope Annual Report - 2012

Seeds Annual report 2012-page-001

Seeds Annual report 2012-page-002

Seeds Annual report 2012-page-003

Seeds Annual report 2012-page-004