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Read the latest issue of Hunger News and Hope:  HNH Vol 18 No 3, Fall 2018

This issue continues the water justice theme of the summer issue with a story about MedWater, a nonprofit based on Louisville, KY, that works with Indigenous people of Ecuador to provide safe, clean water for their communities.  It also includes stories about how to respond to panhandlers, and a couple of inspirational pieces as well.

We are also delighted to announce that Hunger News & Hope received four Associated Church Press awards for work last year:

  1. HNH received the “Best in Class” Award of Excellence.
  2. Chelle Samaniego’s “The Perfect Storm: How Aid Cuts, Drought & War Will Kill 20 Million People This Year If We Don't Help” (in the Spring 2017 issue), received the Award of Merit for a feature article in a newspaper or newsletter. 
  3. Linda Freeto’s “Special Report: US Poverty, Food Security & the Federal Budget” (from the Summer 2017 issue) received the Award of Merit for in-depth coverage in a newspaper or newsletter. 
  4. The Summer 2017 issue, "How the Federal Budget Will Affect People in Poverty," received an Honorable Mention for a theme issue in a newspaper or newsletter. 

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Hunger News & Hope, a periodical about hunger, poverty and food justice, is published quarterly by Seeds of Hope Publishers, in partnership with the following groups:

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