Join us! As a partner, we ask you to do three specific things to support the work of Seeds:

  • Pray – Pray for people in need throughout the world and for Seeds readers and others who are working to heal hunger and poverty. For prayer guidance, a good resource is the weekly prayer series sponsored by the Micah Challenge.
  • Spread the word – Tell others about Seeds. Share the materials you find on this website  with your Sunday school class, your congregation, your friends.
  • Provide financial support – Pledge to give to Seeds regularly. Your dependable pledge allows us to keep up our work, focus our efforts, and broaden our outreach. 

Give to Seeds by credit card through the United Way e-donation program.

Or, Send a check payable to  ”Seeds of Hope Publishers” to the following address:

Seeds of Hope Publishers
602 James Avenue
Waco, Texas 76706