Hope-Hands coverA few resources to help educate yourself and others about where poverty and hunger exist and what can be done to help heal them.

  • Hope is in our Hands: Lessons & Activities about Hunger for Children and Youth This collection of resources is sponsored by the Alliance of Baptists (Alliance) and produced by Seeds of Hope. This year the Alliance has enabled Seeds to pull together a collection of children’s sermons, dramas and activities from the last nine years of Sacred Seasons, a quarterly Seeds worship resource. The materials in this packet are gifts from ministers, writers and artists who believe strongly in our quest to help congregations to regularly incorporate hunger and justice issues into their worship. We hope you find ideas here to help your children and youth respond to the hungry people in God’s world.  (View as PDF)
  • Speaking of Hunger: Sermons of Challenge and Hope This collection of sermons is also sponsored by the Alliance of Baptists (Alliance) and produced by Seeds of Hope. For a number of years, Christian leaders in the anti-hunger movement have been calling for a cache of Speaking of Hunger-coversermons about hunger. This year the Alliance has enabled Seeds to pull together this collection. (View as PDF)
  • The Seeds of Hope Hunger Emphasis Collection Ten year’s worth of Hunger Emphasis packets.  Each packet contains prayers, statistics, quotes and sayings, children and youth activities, a 40-day calendar of suggestions for engaging with hunger and poverty, and other ideas and information to help create an engaging hunger emphasis for your congregation.
  • Hunger Awareness IQ Quiz– Take this quiz to find out what you don’t already know about poverty. To view as a pdf (which includes the answers), click here:  Test Your Hunger IQ.



  • Hunger and Poverty Around the World — A 2013 compilation of facts and statistics regarding hunger and poverty around the world. (View as PDF)
  • Before you finish eating breakfast this morning… — “Placemat” poster illustrates our interdependency with the rest of the world by pointing out how products we use every day come from parts of the world where poverty is a persistent problem. (View as PDF)
  • I See All of this on TV, but I Don’t know what to do  — In this short essay Susan Hansen muses about maintaining hope in the face of urgent and on-going need. (View in plain text)
  • The ABC’s of Responding to Hunger — The editors of Seeds of Hope offer a practical structure for responding to the the Biblical mandate to care for the poor and helpless. (View as PDF)
  • Responding to Hunger in God’s World: Seven Steps for Churches — Seven practical steps churches can take to get more involved with the healing of hunger and poverty. (View as PDF)
  • Engaging Congregations in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals — Developed by Jon Singletary Director of the Center for Community and Family Ministry at Baylor University’s School of Social Work, explains the MDG’s in general and includes links to specific resources for introducing the MDGs in churches.  (View as Powerpoint)

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  • ChristStyle – This essay is a discussion of eight elements in the lifestyle of Jesus Christ, conceived by Dan McGee a number of years ago. He and Katie Cook wrote about this interpretation of a Christ-ordained lifestyle in a series called ChristStyle in the “Taproot” department of Seeds Magazine. The two have also presented these ideas in various retreat and seminar settings. The “eight deadly virtues,” as one church group dubbed them, are taken from Matthew 5: 1-16, with particular attention to the Beatitudes.