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Volume 16

  • HNH Vol 16 No 4 - This issue covers such diverse topics as the Housing First trend in responding to homelessness, solving world hunger problems by eating bugs (no; really), and a young person's reflections on a poverty simulation experience.
  • HNH Vol 16 No 3, Summer 2016 - This is a special 12-page theme issue dedicated to women and poverty. It includes stories about women in poverty all over the world, plus book reviews and some practical things you can do.
  • HNH Vol 16 No 2, Spring 2016 - This issue includes stories about homeless youth and the history of Seeds (as we enter our 25th year in Waco!) as well as a review of Our Pebble in the Pond, a novel about homelessness by Merrill Davies.
  • HNH Vol 16 No 1Winter 2016 -  The US Congressional Hunger Commission's report and recommendations, an update on the Ebola countries in West Africa, an update on Nepal and a review of a Deep Space Nine episode from 1995.

Volume 15

  • HNH Vol 15 No 1Winter 2015 -  UN Sustainable Development Goals, responding to senior hunger, food-rescue programs, the 2015 Hunger Report (When Women Flourish...We Can End Hunger), why Central American children are driven to the US, the 2015 Bread for the World Offering of Letters.
  • HNH Vol 15 No 2, Spring 2015 - This issue includes a lead story about the Older Americans Act and a "Homelessness" Glossary, plus stories about the Food Research & Action Center's Food Hardship report, a 10-year-old who is raising money for hunger causes and Homestretch, a film about homeless youth.
  • HNH Vol 15 No 3, Summer 2015 - This issue is all about immigration, and includes a special four-page section about that subject by Linda Freeto. It also includes book reviews, a first-hand account of the Fast for Families and several person stories, including "The Undocumented American Dream."
  • HNH Vol 15 No 4, Fall 2015 - This issue includes information about the United Nations General Assembly's new Sustainable Development Goals (they replace the Millennium Development Goals), stories about creative people who are making a difference in their world, and a review of the movie The Good Lie.

Volume 14

We are delighted to announce that Hunger News & Hope received two Associated Church Press awards for 2014: a "Best in Class" award and an Award of Merit for a theme issue--our "US Prisons and Poverty" issue (see Vol 14 No 3, below).  Our thanks go out to everyone who makes this work possible!

  • Vol 14 No 1Winter 2014 -  Millennium Development update, Free the Children, Shoes for the Greater Good, a history of hunger in Ethiopia, a program for homeless students, victories for food justice at Hershey's and Wal-Mart
  • Vol 14 No 2 , Spring 2014 -  The 2014 Farm Bill, fair-trade coffee & tea in China, homelessness & US veterans, curriculum for a new generation of anti-hunger leaders, 2014 Offering of Letters
  • Vol 14 No 3, Summer 2014 - This issue is dedicated to US prisons and their affect on poverty: includes an overview of the subject; a story about Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles; a four-page pullout section called "40 Days in Orange," about an attorney who wore a prison uniform for Lent; a review of The New Jim Crow, with an accompanying resource called "Building the Movement to End the New Jim Crow."
  • Vol 14 No 4, Fall 2014 - China's ascent from famine to World Aid, Housing programs like Housing First and 100,000 Homes, Ebola's effect on food security, liturgical resources

Volume 13

  • Vol 13 No 1, Winter 2013 -  Who's Hungry in the World? (Afghanistan & Syria), New Ways to Measure Food Insecurity, the Last Days of the 112th Congress
  • Vol 13 No 2, Spring 2013 - 10 Myths about Immigration, Food-Security Profiles of Cameroon, Mali, Yemen and Guatemala
  • Vol 13 No 3, Summer 2013 -  Hunger in US suburbs, Mercy Ships, obesity in low-income children, Gates foundation's fight against disease.

(contains a four-page pullout section: "Food Security: A Casualty of War")

  • Vol 13 No 4, Fall 2013 -  "The Great Divide," a story about the wealthiest 1 percent in the US; a story about the real-estate bubble in China; a story about why Africa is rich, but Africans are poor; and a review of Behind the Beautiful Forevers, a Pulitzer-Prize winning book about Mumbai.

Volume 12

(contains a four-page pullout section: "Where Are People Hungry?")
(contains an eight-page pullout section on Food Sovereignty)

Volume 11

(contains a four-page pullout section on the Millennium Development Goals)

Volume 10

(contains a four-page pullout section about global change, water issues and poverty)

Volume 9

(contains a sermon, a liturgy, a children's activity, a dramatic reading for youth, and more)

Volume 8

(contains special section: "What's in the 2007 US Budget, and How Will It Affect the Poor?")

Volume 7

(contains special section with two opinions about Wal-Mart)

Volume 6

(contains special section with two opinions about trade globalization)

Volume 5

(contains special section: "Is Material Aid Good or Bad?")

Volume 4

(contains special section on how environmental justice affects hunger and poverty)
  • Vol 4 No 4, Fall 2002 -- World Agriculture 2030: WFP Says Global Food Production Will Exceed Population Growth

Volume 3

(contains 12 pages of global news)

Volume 2

(contains a four-page section with two opinions about free trade)

Volume 1

(contains a four-page pullout section about child sponsorship)
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